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ADHD Diagnosis in the UK: A Review

ADHD: The Reality of Hyperfocus and Hyperfixation

This is my review of the process from referral to diagnosis, treatment, and a year of taking stimulants for ADHD following diagnosis through Psychiatry-UK. Getting a diagnosis of adult ADHD in the UK through the NHS is notoriously difficult. It took me almost two years, from when my GP first suggested I might have ADHD […]

What to Expect When Your Child is Diagnosed with ADHD

What to expect when your child is diagnosed with ADHD

If your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, you may feel various emotions – from confusion and fear to relief and hope. It is natural to have questions about ADHD and what it means for your child. This post will introduce ADHD, including the fundamentals of diagnosis and therapy. What exactly does this mean? […]

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